We pride our business as a family-friendly, positive environment.

Below are five basic principles that we expect from our visitors in order to foster the best pawn shop experience.


Pawn Smart USA Winter

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Cleanliness is one of the most overlooked factors of the average pawn business. When you bring in an item for pawn or sale make sure you clean it well before hand (unless the item is antique, as that would substantially devalue it). A dusty, soiled item is most likely going to be turned away before it even makes it to the front desk. Keep in mind that a tidy item would not only make the pawn broker more likely to accept it, it would also raise the value.

Family-Friendly Environment

Pawn shops should be a fun family-friendly environment, where children and adults alike can learn about and discover little forgotten pieces of the past. Keep the language clean, the attitudes positive, and your actions professional. Save all of your rants, and colorful expressions for Twitter.  Crude, vulgar, and/or negative behavior is not tolerated.

Break It You Buy It

Parents, please keep a close eye on young ones when wondering around the store. You never know what you’ll find in a pawn shop, but you can be certain that many of the items are fragile, priceless, and possibly dangerous. To the children at heart, please save any rowdy careless behavior for the outdoors. Pawn shops are known for their firearms and pointy objects… and we’d appreciate customers arriving and leaving all in one piece.

Act Your Age

Due to legal guidelines there is a certain age limit for the handling and purchase of different items. Please understand these rules and do your part to follow and enforce them.

Firearms: 18 (purchase of rifles and handling any weapon) and 21 (purchase of handguns). Anyone underage is encouraged to handle firearms but must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Knives & Self Defense: 18 or older. Anyone underage is encouraged to feed their curiosity but must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Know Your Stuff

Pawn shops are a fantastic learning environment for all ages. We heavily encourage all of our customers to ask questions and handle the merchandise to gain a further understanding and respect for things of the past and present.