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Pawn Smart USA is a new breed of pawn shop— merging the retail, finance, and pawn broker industry together in perfect harmony. With more than 30 years of experience working in the pawnbroker and antique dealing industry, we have successfully built a pawn business designed with you in mind.
We strive to treat everyone as special, delivering extraordinary customer service while building meaningful relationships. Our mission is to make life's journey more rewarding for everyone who walks through our doors.

From Our Family, To Yours.

During dinner in 2011 my wife and I wrote the business plan for Pawn Smart USA on the back of a napkin. The next day we sat together with our kids in the living room to discuss starting a pawn broker business and quickly the whole family was on board. We opened our doors December of 2011, just in time for Christmas. To say that it was a humble start would be generous, but we started together with heart. Our family has built this business on a foundation that has been passed down from generation to generation: treating others as we want to be treated.
Our biggest blessing has been the customers that have come back later and explained how we had helped them and their family through some tough times. Financially things were not always so great for our family and during the financial struggles we saw a real need for a better pawn shop environment, a different way of brokering, and a dedication to helping the customer that just needs a leg up. Yes, we are in business to make a profit, but we are in the people business first. The money is just a way to track how many people we have been able to help.

When You Walk Through Our Doors, You're a Part of Our Legacy.

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