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Address: 311 GA Hwy 49 N, Byron, GA 31008 (Peach Shops at Byron – formerly Peach Outlet Mall)

Pawn Process Summary: Pawn shops offer loans, secured by something of value. The pawn store may have other business elements such as retail sales. However, pawnbrokers focus on lending money. Customers bring in an item of value, and the pawnbroker offers a loan based on a percentage of the item’s estimated value. The pawnbroker then keeps the item until the customer repays the loan with interest and any additional fees that may apply (e.g. late fees, lost ticket fees, etc.).

Pawn Term and Interest: In order to secure a pawn loan, you simply need an item of value and proper identification. Pawn loans do not require a credit check, bank account or co-signer. Because interest on loans is paid monthly, it can get expensive if you don’t pay back the loan in a timely manner. Terms vary by state, but Pawn Smart USA charges 25 percent interest for items held for a 30-day contract and has a 10-day grace period.

TIP: When you’re selling merchandise, don’t be afraid to haggle or negotiate, haggling is expected at pawn shops.

How Much Money Should You Expect: On average, customers receive only a portion of the item’s retail value. Remember, the pawnbroker is loaning money on the item, not buying it. The pawnbroker must consider the cost of storage, security and future demand for the item, along with the resale value if the loan is not repaid. Suppose gold bracelets like yours are selling for $250 at the mall. That’s not what a pawnbroker is going to loan you. The broker will determine resale value by checking eBay, gold-market prices (if applicable), and his own database. Ideally, he wants you to repay the loan (with interest) and get your item back. But he doesn’t want to give you cash and then be stuck with something he can’t resell at a profit. So he sets the price low enough that he won’t lose out.


– I look forward to doing business with you.

David Hawkins (Owner)

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Pawn Smart USA had been years in the making before we ever opened the doors.

David Hawkins Jr. was born in 1962 to his parents, David Lamar Sr. and Patricia Hawkins. He, along with his younger brother Bruce and sister Leta, grew up in their family home in Warner Robins, GA.

Since the age of five David’s father, Lamar, taught him the art of horsetrading and enlisted his help with contract work at the Robins Air Force Base. At fourteen he developed a love of electronics and began working for his father at Hawkins Electronics –with the knowledge and skills he acquired working with his father, he began selling and installing car audio out of his parent’s garage on the weekends. Later that same year, his dad arranged an apprenticeship for him at a local body shop, which he biked to every day after school.


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